In 2008, Barack Obama’s words inspired millions.  He was carried to victory on the shoulders of the  “news” media, the educational and labor unions, and even the Communist Party USA.

To one degree or another, all of them echoed his media-crafters’ depiction of him as a larger-than life, God-like entity, to whom major Hollywood actors pledged beyond-creepy loyalty:

And lest we forget the child-indoctrination that led to and followed his ascension:

This cult of personality was based in no small part on the promises and predictions that Obama made to the American people of what would (or would not) happen if we elected him to the presidency.

So how has Obama actually performed?  Most Americans have little idea of the facts.

Many Americans may have a visceral sense of whether or not Obama has lived up to or betrayed his promises.  Unfortunately, most of us have precious little objective, easily-understandable data upon which to know for certain.  And of those few Americans who do possess a deeper understanding of our situation vs. Obama’s promises, almost none have the ability to share this information with others, quickly and easily.

MysteryPatriot infographics enable Americans at all levels of the knowledge-scale to judge for themselves Obama’s performance in office.

The Democrat-Media Complex has refused to present the American people with the crucial raw data to answer this question, in a format that the average person can quickly understand – and the Romney campaign, the GOP and the RNC have failed to do so.

MysteryPatriot’s mission is to produce infographics that bridge this gap, and are easy to share with others – in digital and print form.  Click on the title links below to see these infographics, and scroll to the bottom of each page to for PDF summaries that are ready to email, print and share with others.

Unemployment 2009-2012: Obama projections vs. reality

Obama predicted that if we elected him and let him borrow and spend nearly a trillion dollars, our unemployment rate would not rise above 8%, but would drop to 5.4% by the end of his first term.  We let him borrow and spend $5 trillion.  This infographic reveals the shocking contrast between his promises and the results.

The facts: Obama vs. Reagan on job creation

In the late summer of 2012, the Obama campaign began alleging to national audiences that he has a better post-recession job creation record than Reagan did.  Numerous think tanks debunked this lie, but most Americans remain unaware of the facts.  Use this infographic to help educate them.

Black unemployment under Obama – and Reagan

We were told by the Democrat-Media Complex, public schools and Hollywood that only Obama’s leftist ideology can help blacks and other minorities economically (as opposed to  Republicans, who are supposedly only out to exploit and starve them of opportunity).  This infographic reveals that the exact opposite is true – particularly in terms of black unemployment under Obama vs. Reagan.

Food Stamp enrollment skyrockets while unemployment rate drops

In 2008 Obama spoke eloquently about the importance of the American work ethic, and how only he and his enablers could help solve our economic problems – including dependence on assistance programs.  Yet as this infographic shows, in Obama’s “recovery” unemployment has slowly dropped, while food stamp enrollment has grown dramatically.

Food stamp enrollment: 1970s and 2012

Continuing this theme, most Americans may have a sense of how many U.S. residents are on food stamps, few know the hard numbers – and how they’ve grown in the last 40 years, particularly under Obama.  This infographic presents a jarring snapshot of data that should be known to every taxpaying American.

Biden: America’s greediest “1%er”

Leftists love to depict themselves as being generous, and willing to help those less fortunate, in contrast to non-leftists, whom they claim are driven by greed and malice for their fellow citizens.  This infographic reveals that at least in Vice-President Biden’s case, the exact opposite is true – particularly when compared to Gov. Romney.

If you spot any errors in these infographics, or have suggestions for new ones, please send an email.







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