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Site structure & how to use

MysteryPatriot has been designed from the ground up to be a unified resource for those who wish to share crucially-important information about our economic and political situation, through both digital and print media.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy blogger in a major city – or a limited-mobility grandmother in a remote part of America, who’s barely figured out how to print a PDF – here you will find an integrated body of custom-crafted resources that will help you to share key data with persuadable voters, through whichever means you find most comfortable:

  • Email
  • Embeddable pictures and documents
  • Printable flyers, mailers and posters

An overview of how MysteryPatriot is organized (detail follows):

How MysteryPatriot is organized – and how you can use the infographics to become a one-person advocacy machine, no matter who or where you are!

Each page in the “INFOGRAPHICS” section (a) focuses on one particular aspect of our economic or political situation, and (b) consists of four sections.  For this example, we’ll be using the infographic page, “The facts: Obama vs Reagan on job creation.”  The four sections are:

(1) A brief BACKGROUND of the particular issue
– usually around 200 words or less.

(2) A custom-crafted INFOGRAPHIC
– a JPG image that presents complex statistical data in a visual format that is easy to understand and remember. 

(3) Whenever necessary, a listing of DATA SOURCES
with links back to original material.

(4) A downloadable-printable-embeddable “FLYER”
– a PDF that contains the BACKGROUND and INFOGRAPHIC on page 1, and a two-fold mailer on the back.

Clicking on the bottom link to go to Scribd, you will see this frame – here are indications of how you can use it to share this PDF in multiple ways:

Note that the back of each PDF (page 2) is formatted as a two-fold mailer:

If you want to use the infographic as a flyer to hand out to others, just print out page 1 of the PDF:

Or, if you want to use it as a mailer, print out the first side, then turn the page over to print the other on the same piece of paper, then fold, label, put a stamp on it and boom, you’re done!

Bloggers: Please put this banner on your website. For America. Thank you.

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