It’s time to force journalists and “news” organizations to choose sides

With ruthless efficiency, the supposedly “objective” news media enabled the worst, most subversive, most deceptive president in U.S. history to be re-elected, without breaking a sweat. This should be a clarion wake-up call to every American who possesses even a basic understanding of the miracle of our republic, and what is required to maintain our freedom and prosperity.


Were Andrew Breitbart still alive, he’d likely say, “You see? This is why I call it a ‘war’ – and why, if we don’t get our acts together, we’re going to lose it.” Democratic pollster Pat Caddell recently punctuated Andrew’s view, in the wake of the Libya scandal, labeling the mainstream news media an “enemy of the American people.”

But who, specifically, constitutes the Democrat-Media Complex, as Andrew termed it? And is it fair to paint all mainstream news media organizations and the people who work for them with the same brush, if, in fact, some acknowledge this corruption, and are trying to rehabilitate themselves?

It’s time to force those within the news industry to decide for themselves whether they are on the side of Americans’ rational self-interests, or whether they’re at war with them. And there are no people in America who are better suited to this task than conservative and libertarian bloggers and blog-readers – a growing number of whom know that being on defense is no longer good enough; that we must take the fight to the enemy, and within the bounds of the law and morality, fight back relentlessly; to go on the offensive.

Here’s how we do it:

We craft a detailed pledge of impartiality and accountability that any honest journalist or news organization would recognize as reasonable and proper. We publicly submit it to journalists and news organizations large and small, all across America, and give them thirty days to sign it. If they sign it, we publicly acknowledge and compliment them. If they don’t, then we publicize this fact, too, and engage in an activist campaign against them, and the advertisers who enable them.

Here are some ideas for what such a pledge would consist of:

  • To apply the same reporting standards to news coverage of candidates for public office, without discrimination on account of race, religion, gender, political ideology, national origin, or other distinguishing factors.
  • To promptly post corrections and clarifications, in a place of prominence.
  • To devise a mechanism for criticisms, grievances and suggestions to be promptly heard and considered.
  • To not devote more than 10% of news coverage to the “horse race” aspect of political campaigns.

Imagine how a different the 2012 presidential derby could have been, had every major “news” organization signed such a pledge – and if those who didn’t had been instantly and powerfully marginalized, not just by grassroots activists, but by the candidates themselves.

We can no longer allow so-called “journalists” and “news” organizations to subvert our culture, while pretending that they are objective dispensers of timely, accurate, contextual civic information. America cannot survive another election like this one. It is up to patriots all across the fruited plain to ensure it doesn’t happen again.





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