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MysteryPatriot’s placard art

Another key asset that MysteryPatriot provides to motivated activists is high-impact demonstration sign (placard) art that can be emailed, or printed out – at home, for small formats, or through a service bureau (Staples, etc.) for larger formats.

The rationale is simple: as Saul Alinksy noted (and the late, great Andrew Breitbart affirmed), ridicule is the political activist’s most potent weapon.  Especially when it is used based on verifiable, contextual, devastating facts about the target of one’s campaign.  There is no response when facts are presented in a humorous way, that exposes and challenges the reality that one’s target has worked to conceal.

Here are a few initial examples of MysteryPatriot placard art (credit to source material as indicated – particularly the inimitable, awesome Michael Ramirez):

Protest the Democrat-Media Complex – at their headquarters, and wherever they go

The “news” media’s efforts to help Obama get re-elected are reaching comic proportions – yet top figures in the industry fervently maintain that they work diligently to ensure balance, fairness and accuracy.  The recent Gallup survey showed that Americans have less trust in the “news” media than ever before.  One reason may well be the loving, egregiously-biased way that the D-MC covered the Occupy protests, yet consistently smeared the Tea Party based on false, inflammatory accusations.

So the D-MC loves a good protest?  What would they do if one were directed against them?  If, as President Obama urged his supporters, to “get in their faces”?

What would happen if “an army of Davids” showed up (peacefully) in front of the mainstream “news” media’s headquarters and bureaus in Washington, DC, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and elsewhere, all holding up this sign, chanting with great moral confidence, “Be our watchdogs – not Obama’s lapdogs!!!”

There’s no telling if anything would change.  But as Ronald Reagan said, while we don’t know what will happen if we do act, we can be sure of what will happen if we don’t.  Who knows, maybe a reporter, producer, executive or editor might decide to stop being an Obama toadie for a day, or even a day.

Protest the hypocrisy of leftist political figures who vote to spread your wealth around – but only donate crumbs of their own wealth to charity

Imagine if, at every campaign stop Vice President Biden makes until election day, he and his enablers are met by “an army of Davids,” all (peacefuly) waving these signs – and demanding that he start personally living up to his (supposedly) altruistic morality:


If you know any talented political cartoonists who might be interested in developing or adapting existing content for MysteryPatriot, please send an email.  Thanks!







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