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Biden: America’s greediest “1%er”

From 1972 to 2009, Joe Biden served in the U.S. Senate. In August 2008 Biden agreed to serve as Vice-President to man who, only months earlier, he claimed was unfit to be president.

Throughout his forty years in federal government, Biden has consistently voted for more laws whose object is to take from some and give to others. In fact, on October 4, 2012 he admitted his and Obama’s objective is to raise taxes by more than a trillion dollars – to help the millions of Americans whom he claims have been economically “ravaged” over the past four years:

When not voting for such laws, he’s worked to cultivate popular support for and defend them, often in almost unthinkably vicious ways, that can only serve to incite social divisions and hatred (eg: his “high-tech lynching” of Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas in 1991).

Biden is also a pathological liar, as he demonstrated once again on Thursday, October 11 during his debate with Rep. Paul Ryan (more).

The fact that a shyster like Biden is one heartbeat away from the presidency should terrify every American.  Because he is a leftist, however, and claims all his work is to help the less-fortunate, the Democrat-Media Complex protects and hails him, and has refused to apply even 1/100th of the scrutiny that it routinely does to non-leftist political figures.

After such an inglorious career of subversive behavior, and decades of voting away other people’s wealth, and excoriating the “greed” of what he claims are the “1%ers,”  it begs the question:

How much of his personal wealth does Biden give to charity? 

Turns out Biden is the greediest of the 1%ers.  Or more precisely, the 1/100th of 1%ers.


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